I believe in friendships,

I believe in Godís love,

That He watches over us

From up above.

I believe when I look

In the eyes of a friend,

A sweet gift from heaven,

God, to me, did send.

I believe in Godís word,

That itís promise is true,

And that He wrote the book

For me and for you.

I believe in my life

In living each day,

Whether in joy or strife

God will show me the way.

I believe God placed me on a path

That He wants me to tread,

But He leads the way

So I have nothing to dread.

I believe this little life of mine

Humble though it be,

Was placed here for others

And not just for me.

I believe and Iím thankful

That God leads the way

Down the path that will lead me

To His home someday.

I believe all the darkness

Will someday be light,

So I plod down that path

With all of my might.

I believe in miracles

They happen all the time.

For it was a miracle

That changed this heart of mine.

I believe one day Iíll see Jesus,

And look in His loving eyes.

I pray you wonít be saddened

When I say my good-byes.

I believe weíll meet again

So shed no tears for me.

For I believe weíll be together

In Godís home eternally.

© Lora Cox


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